Explanation of the ABY 40-45 Legacy Era Period

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Explanation of the ABY 40-45 Legacy Era Period

Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:31 pm

Like most casual fans of Star Wars, I'm familiar with the eras the movies are set. Unfortunately, I'm not an avid Star Wars novel reader and do not know much of the legacy era besides what I've read in the timeline on Wookiepedia. I'm about to run a campaign for a group of friends of mine set in this era. They are going to be privateers of the Galatic Empire. A hodge podge of ex-Imperials and pirate types. Should make for an interesting mix. Anyway, two of my party members are very into Star Wars and are much more familiar with the canon, the setting, and the feel of this era (they chose the era). What do I need to know about the political environment, the major factions and their goals, and feel of the time period? I would really appreciate any help, guidance, and advice to running a campaign in this setting. Thanks!!!!
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Re: Explanation of the ABY 40-45 Legacy Era Period

Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:40 am

My advice is to have the two die-hards brief you and explain to them that your game will be slightly different. Straight canon lets the players know what's coming next.

But, the single most important piece of advice is HAVE FUN !!

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