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Re: New Here Have several questions!

Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:40 am

Hi Jett,

Welcome to SWC. The D6 rule system used here is a little different to the various D&D systems (I'm an unreformed Forgotten Realms nerd myself) however it does have its own charms.

DISCLAIMER ALERT: By no means am I the Guru/All-Knowing Expert/Greatest Gift to D6 gaming around here. I have some experience at playing and a little at running games for new players. What I do have is the time and motivation to answer questions and help newcomers get to grips with the rule system.

I'll try to answer your questions as best I am able and if you like, I can steer you towards some of the new player games areas we have set up to see if you enjoy playing in the D6 system. Enough jabber, onto your questions.

1. The club doesn't have just one strict timeline running. Essentially, a Game Master (GM) can establish a game set in any era that she/he has players interested in. Want to play in the Golden Age of the Sith, waaay before the films? No problem. Feel like rolling around during the Clone Wars? Step right up. Traditionally, the club ran at around the nine (or so) years after the battle of Yavin but that is definitely a guideline not a rule nowadays.

2. Credits really come into play in an on-going campaign or similar. As far as character start up goes, I doubt many GM's would hassle you about making sure you deducted the cost of your starting equipment selections from your credits, as long as you kept it pretty basic. Highly customised and powerful blasters, military grade armour, and hot-rod starships would likely be another matter entirely.

This kind of leads into question 3, and the short answer is, you submit your character to the GM setting up or actively running the game you would like to join. They will look over your character, perhaps offer a few suggestions and make couple of rulings depending on what you have come up with and then once everyone is happy we get into the game and start rolling dice.

It all probably sounds a bit confusing, but I think the best idea is to consider jumping into the New player game section and seeing how you like actually playing. If you haven't already, take a look at some of the game threads in the New Players section and see what you think. Those games use pre-generated characters to save you some time and effort and give you a good chance to learn by doing, so to speak.

Feel free to either post more questions here or PM me directly and I'll get back to you post haste.

Once again, welcome to SWC and I hope you will enjoy your time here as much as I do.

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