Detailed maps suitable for an army game

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Detailed maps suitable for an army game

Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:34 pm

With the 42nd Division game I'm running, it's been an army affair. Lots of small (squad/platoon) infantry combat.

I'm looking for suitably detailed maps that work with that. By suitably detailed I'm talking about some of the stuff in the Hideouts and Strongholds book. But I'm also looking beyond Star Wars source material.

For example in the game we just finished, I made heavy use of this map: ... dalone.jpg

I'm looking for ground layout maps with something comparable to that level of detail. That map was great because every building was identified, so it was easy to tell the player where everything (friendlies, enemies) were in relation to each other.

If anyone spots anything really really good, please let me know.

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