Anyone interested in running the space combat section?

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Anyone interested in running the space combat section?

Thu Jul 23, 2009 12:47 pm

Is there anyone interested in running the Space Combat section of the New Player adventures?

If I can find someone with solid aptitude in space combat writing/GM work, I'm considering handing that off. You'd be able to use all the things I've created, the steps to joining, the adventure setup I've created, the stock X-Wing pilot character sheet. The OOC instruction notes on space combat rules that I tag onto my rounds posts. Whatever is on that forum would come with the package deal and I can explain what I've put together in greater detail to transition someone into the role.

The real challenge is making is interesting for new players. Meaning making text-based space combat sound exciting and thrilling and not just a dull repetition of rounds where you report hits and misses. A strong creative writing bent is preferred.

You'll have to deal with new players with minimal previous experience, that requires patience and understanding sometimes, and even dealing with the frustration of starting something for a player only to have them disappear at round 2. You gotta be able to keep your cool when that happens and move on to help someone else.

Any interested veteran SWC club members, please contact me.

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