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Squadron Command Rules

Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:04 pm

This is a repost of a repost. In June 2005 I devised optional squadron rules that GMs can use to make running a starfighter squadron more realistic. It was useful in forcing squadron commanders to use skills like beauracracy, persuasion, ect, which are often neglected. It also answered questions like what kinds of support personnel a squadron has. The rules were never formally adopted by the branch but I used them for Carmine Squadron and we are using them here in the Eleventh Fighter Wing.

Starfighter Squadron Optional Rules

A starfighter squadron will consist of the following personnel:

12 Starfighter Pilots (And 12 gunners if serving in a squadron that flies a dual crew craft)

1 Combat Operations Officer-(generally a Lieutenant or Captain) *skilled in planetary systems, tactics, scholar, Value, investigation*

1 Medical Officer- Usually a certified Doctor and flight medic *skilled in medicine, first aid*

1 Chief Technician- *skilled in command, beauracracy, starfighter repair, starfighter weapons repair, space transports repair, Droid repair, Droid programming, Repulsorlift repair, space transport piloting, starship gunnery*

12 Crew Chiefs (1 per fighter) *skilled in command, bargain, starfighter repair, droid repair*

24 starfighter Technicians (2 per fighter) *skilled in starfighter repair, droid repair, droid programming*

12 Armorer Technicians (1 per fighter) *skilled in starship weapons repair*

4 Administrative specialists *skilled in computer programming/repair, beauracracy*

1 Squadron Quartermaster *skilled in beauracracy, blaster repair, armor repair, Value*

A squadron will be assigned the following droids:

12 R model Astromech droids (If flying astromech-required fighters)

6 Chef or food preparation droids (434-FPC Personal Chef Droid model or somethin similiar.)

1 M-3PO Model Military Protocal Droid

12 LE Repair Droids (or similiar droid skilled in starfighter repair)

3 2-1B Surgical Droids

Unit Composition:
A Starfighter squadron shall consist of 12 fighters led by a Squadron Commander. The Squadron Commander shall have authority over all squadron support personnel, to include the Operations, medical, administrative, and engineering sections.

Administrative section: Shall consist of 4 Administrative specialists (enlisted personnel, Corporals or Sergeants), assisted by one M-3PO unit. Also included in this section are 6 Chef or food preparation droids responsible for feeding squadron personnel. Also assigned to the Administrative section is one quartermaster who handles issuing, maintaining, and requisitioning personal equipment and personal weapons to squadron pilots and personnel.

Medical Section: A single medical physician assisted by 3 2-1B Surgical Droids. Assigned to using whatever medical facilities are available at a squadron's base or starship posting. The physician is responsible for squadron pilot physical and mental health.

Engineering Section: Led by 1 Chief Technician, a senior noncommissione d officer, who oversees all squadron repair and maintenance needs. Each individual starfighter will be assigned 1 Crew Chief (Sergeant) responsible for that starfighter's repair and maintenance. Each Starfighter crew chief will supervise 2 general repair technicians and 1 armorer technician who specializes in weapon repair and ammunition loading (all techs generally Corporals). Each starfighter repair crew will be aided by 1 LE or similiar model repair droid.

Operations Section- A single Combat Operations officer who is responsible for aiding in mission planning and information gathering for the squadron through contact with New Republic Intelligence. Reports to the Squadron Commander. Also may be refered to as a Mission Officer.


Basically a fighter squadron has a permanantly assigned support staff to handle everything from feeding the pilots to repairing the ships to planning the missions. Each pilot will have a Crew chief responsible for their own particular fighter (So they have someone to yell at them when they bring back a damaged starfighter). The Squadron Commander gets a small admin staff that includes a pesky military 3PO unit.

Additionally, a squadron may be assigned a shuttle-craft on a permanant or a situational basis. Whether it be an old Kappa, Grek, or any other available class of shuttle or troop transport or light freighter. The shuttle may be made available for space rescue of EVA pilots as well as the transporting of squadron personnel when the squadron ferries to a new duty posting. When used, the shuttle is typically piloted by the squadron Chief Technician.

Squadron Pilots

NPC pilots are assigned to a squadron to round out a squadron's full complement. They usually serve as wingman and element leaders but may even serve as flight leaders in PC understaffed squadrons. As dictated by the squadron GM they can have individualized skills or generic ones. At the very least an NPC pilot has an established name, rank, species, sex, and generic skills apply. More prominent or better skilled NPCs might be created to give the PC pilots the added help, or to make the PC pilots' lives difficult with a discipline-case or troublemaker NPC pilot personalities.

NPC Pilot Skill Levels:
A NPC pilot's skill level can be determined on an NPC case by case basis by a GM. But otherwise the following flying skill apply *Note a GM can alter this as he sees fit, for example a veteran Flying Officer could have 5D/5D skills*

Flying Officer: 4D Starfighter piloting, 4D starship gunnery
Lieutenant: 5D Starfighter piloting, 4D starship gunnery
Captain: 6D starfighter piloting, 5D Starship gunnery

Replacement Pilots:

A squadron can and does suffer pilot losses. When an NPC pilot is killed, captured, or wounded severely enough to be pulled from the flight roster, a squadron will receive NPC pilot replacements generally of equal or lessor rank/skill than the pilot that was lost. That replacement's arrival time is dicated by the arrival time rules (See "Getting Replacement Starfighters and pilots")

Getting better NPC Replacements:
If a squadron commander can make a moderate Persuasion Roll. He may be able to entice a more experienced pilot in the Replacement pool to request a transfer into the squadron. How successful the roll was should determine how good the NPC pilot is. For example a wildly successful role may garner an NPC Lieutenant with 6D/5D skills to replace a killed NPC Flying Officer who had 4D/4D skills.

Getting Replacement Starfighters and pilots:
When a starfighter is lost in combat the squadron commander must requisition a replacement craft. When the squadron is serving in friendly territory (On a Republic World or on a ship in Republic space) it will take 1D days for the replacement to arrive. If in neutral territory outside of Republic space a replacement fighter can take 2D days to arrive. If in hostile (Imperial) space a replacement fighter can take 3D days to arrive. To speed up this process the Squadron Commander can uses his knowledge of supply and procurement in the Republic Military. The Squadron Commander can make a beaucratic roll to reduce this delivery time. Use the following chart to determine roll difficulty modifier:

Republic Space: 1D
Neutral Space: 2D
Imperial Space: 3D

If beauracratic roll greater than or equal to space code by:

0-3 =reduce starfighter or pilot delivery time by 1 day
4-8 =reduce starfighter or pilot delivery time by 2 days
9-12 =reduce starfighter or pilot delivery time by 3 days
13-15 = reduce starfighter or pilot delivery time by 4 days
16+ =reduce starfighter or pilot delivery time by 5 days

If time reduction meets or exceeds delivery time, then the replacement starfighter or pilot arrives the same day as request is made.

*NOTE* Mission specific equipment, fighters or personnel are excluded from this rule. For example if a mission requires the squadron to fly a different fighter type than usual or requires the use of a special equipment modification.

Starfighters: Naming and tagging

Every starfighter or airspeeder in the Republic Military has a tag number, that number is 2 letters and a series of numbers. For example the tag for an X-Wing might be: KE-40409 (four-oh-four-oh-nine). This number appears on the starfighter's fuselage, usually in a small obscure location.

A pilot may name their starfighter. The name is painted somewhere on the starfighter itself, usually in small lettering near the cockpit or on the fuselage. Pilots usually do not refer to their fighters by name in conversation however. A pilot's rank, name and callsign are frequently emblazed beneath the cockpit canopy.

Kills: Destroying craft in combat earns a pilot kills, which are recorded on their respective fighter's fuselage in the form of a sillouette indicating the class of starfighter or capital ship destroyed. Half kills (or assisted kills) are recorded by half sillouettes. The NRFC does not recognize or record kills beneath 1/2.

That concludes the optional starfighter squadron rules.

GM Jon Allen

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