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Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:35 am

The two forces got closer and closer. The New Republic pilots could see the sensor contacts growing nearer on their screens. Then suddenly the enemy formation began to form up. The swapping of positions stopped. Even to the rookie pilots among them, it was obvious that the enemy was lining up the troops and positioning vessels for the impending fight. The sensor screen now resembled two lines of contacts, sub-divided into 6 groups...probably squadrons.

As they did so, more defined sensor data started to come in. The Tie Interceptors were among the first to be ID'ed, a full 3 squadrons of them, 36 total, matching the New Republic fighters for numbers. They were the most forward fighters, the first that the New Republic pilots would enter weapons range with. Sensor data was detailed enough to tell them that the Ties had shields and that those shields were probably angled forward.

But it was the second line that raised eyebrows. Sensor data came back confirming that these were 34 Miy'til Fighters...just short of three squadrons of fighters that were virtually non-existent outside the Hapan Cluster. They were flying just 10 SU behind the Tie Interceptors.

In that span of seconds as they reformed, the attacking force has slowed, delaying the engagement slightly. But now they were speeding up again, to cruising speed or higher. And the New Republic pilots watched the range-to-targets drop until they were suddenly at maximum laser cannon range with the two forces launching themselves directly at each other through the vacuum of space.


(OOC: Range to the 36 Tie Interceptors now just within 27 SU, max laser cannon firing range. Range to the Miy'til Fighters is 37 SU.)
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Re: "Engaging"

Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:39 pm

OOC: Just a couple of quick questions...

We were pretty spread out and you said the enemy force was headed almost exactly toward Corsair's position. That made me think that our lines of battle didn't quite match up. IE, Renegade didn't have a group of fighters directly in front of it, and the far left group of enemy fighters was off to Corsair's unprotected left flank.

Now I did say the Renegades were trying to close in and attack from the right flank, and with speeds and such maybe we just closed the gap a little bit, IDK. But even then we were 90 SU away from Corsair, so unless the enemy was similarly spaced out there's a chance my squadron won't be in weapons range. (I didn't think about that last round)

I'm just trying to make sure I have a good mental picture of the current set up so I can figure out my next actions.
Corsair Squadron is closest to the moon and the station ringing it, just 10 SU from the station. Off to Corsair's "right" is Krayt Squadron 40 SU away, and off to Krayt's "right" is Renegade Squadron, about 50 SU away.
To the naked eye it looks like they are on an intercept course with Garia's moon and the space station, so they are coming right at Corsair Squadron. With Krayt Squadron to the right of the approaching front, and Renegade Squadron even further right.
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Re: "Engaging"

Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:37 am

OOC: Hmmm....I had another chunk of post that explains this but its not there, I guess it didn't make it through the copy/paste process. Anyway...

The enemy formation has split up three ways to intercept your squadrons. 2 Squadrons (1 Tie Interceptor, one Miy'til) are clearly moving to attack each of you at high speed.

Your individual squadrons are still somewhat spread out. Krayt Squadron is about 44 SU away and to the right of Corsair. Renegade Squadron is about 43 SU to the "right" of Krayt Squadron. You can kick it up to cruising speed this round.

To be honest, GM's perogative, I'm simplifying things a little bit on the other end of calculations by saying all three "groups" are at maximum weapons range this round. Rather than worrying about further spacial computations. :)

I'll also take this opportunity to say...this is your last chance to see your complete squadron picture and issue very specific orders. Once you get into the dogfight yourself, your own "fog of war" will set in, and to a degree, you'll stop being a squadron leader and instead be a pilot and wingman to your number 2 guy (or girl). Any round in which you are engaged in combat maneuvers and/or firing weapons, your fog of war will be at its height and your picture of what's happening with the rest of your squadron will diminish until things calm down for you personally. You can attempt to "see more" but that will be handled as a perception roll with a difficult modifier and will count as an action penalty. If successful it will gleam more specific information about what's happening with the rest of your squadron.
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Re: "Engaging"

Mon Dec 02, 2013 3:13 pm

Just before they get to maximum effective range on their weapons D.B. declares. "Weapons free and good hunting Krayts." D.B. knew that once in the mix he would be less effective as a leader. I can only hope that on the whole they do well and remember their training. Once he could make use of the distance on his laser cannons he opened fire. If his skills stayed true he'd either cause some panic or damage. Hopefully both he thought to himself in the moment. His R4 droid behind him surely working away at the given task of relaying information so any counter strategy could be worked out quickly if things started to go South.

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