Reese to the Finish... (Krohnen & Marcus)

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Re: Reese to the Finish... (Krohnen & Marcus)

Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:35 am

Marcus paused for a moment to catch his breath thankful that he was still breathing. Whoever these people were they were obviously well prepared and that made him wonder just how much they knew of their mission here and who they really were. These questions made Marcus want to take this guy alive even more as he would hopefully be able to provide some answers. The trick to that would likely be giving the guy incentive to talk. Keeping his goal in mind Marcus focused on the Force to strengthen the shield around him and verified the stun setting on his blaster. Moving forward more cautiously he worked to setup a line of site on his target and take a shot.

Actions: Maneuver to get a shot at the attacker. Invoke the lesser force shield aspect as needed to fend off an attack I can’t dodge.

Roll result for a shot at the attacker:

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