Group overview, rules, and guidelines

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Group overview, rules, and guidelines

Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:12 am

Welcome. This post will be continuously updated as I add information.

Special Combined Operational Detachment - Joint Asset Recovery and Sensitive Information Disposal

This is a New Republic Black Ops group. All missions are off the books and each member will be disavowed should the their actions ever be explicitly noticed or captured.

OPTIONAL RULES (following Tim's choices in his Tramp Freighter Campaign)
Rules of Engagement Deadliness Option: Every three points rolled higher than the to hit difficulty number adds one point to the damage result.

  • Brawling is now a DEX skill; STR is still used to determine damage
  • DEX: Brawling will automatically include Brawling Parry.
  • DEX: Melee Combat will automatically include Melee Parry.
  • DEX: Thrown Weapons will also include Grenades.
  • KNO: Scholar may be taken as a base skill without any specializations (general knowledge).
  • MEC: Blaster Artillery is now a MEC skill.
  • MEC: Vehicle Blasters is now a MEC skill.
  • MEC: Repulsorlift Operation includes Swoop Operation.
  • MEC: Jet Pack and Rocket Pack Operation are considered the same skill.
  • STR: Stamina may be used instead of STR to resist stun and knockout damage.
  • TEC: Droid Programming/Repair will include both Droid Programming and Droid Repair.
In situations where the character do not have time to properly power up the ship (normally taking several minutes), the characters must make a starship piloting skill roll to prepare the ship for flight. (Again, the characters can combine actions for the task, but every character involved will be occupied until the ship is ready to fly...) The result of the skill roll determines how long it takes the characters to prepare the ship.

Result of Roll = Time
  • Very Easy (1-5) = 10 rounds
  • Easy (6-10) = 8 rounds
  • Moderate (11-15) = 6 rounds
  • Difficult (15-20) = 4 rounds
  • Very Difficult (21-30) = 2 rounds
  • Heroic (31+) = 1 round
Raising a base skill in game with Character Points will bump up any derived specialization the same amount, similar to the way raising the base attribute will raise all skills that branch off of it.

Please use the guidelines listed on the wiki found here: ... r_Creation

A well though out character concept, with an engaging background, vivid description, etc. will earn bonus dice to use for the character to reflect his or her previous experiences.

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